5th & Penn:

A web site that supports my Google Maps and physical computing projects

Physical Computing:

It starts with the stuff we touch the physical world, it is about pulses, the communication protocols, computers of all shapes and sizes changing the analog to digital and then sending it back using the language of the web, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, DOM, AJAX, to name a few. A loose quote of Tom Igoe.

Garduino Project:

Jesus and Mari were getting ready to leave for Venezuela to visit for the holidays and asked me if I would watch their plants. This is a graphical representation of the plants, here on the web where Jesus and Mari can check up on them and let me know if things don't look good for the plants. The height and the colors (blue = water, green = life, yellow = warning) are proportional to the readings that are gathered from moisture sensors attached to the plants. The readings and this image are updated every hour automatically.

The plants are fine.

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